Arnoud Bakker (1972). can be defined as an aesthetic romantic. He has been obsessed by the idea of the ideal, universal woman, but at the same time there is the chafing notion that she does not exist. His work seems one massive attempt to create her and to preserve her for eternity. Bakker makes complete series portraits and prerecordings of female nudes, in the hope to distill from this collection some loose, in itself perfect elements.

Like an alchemist  Bakker experiments with photographic techniques, extreme exposure times and chemical methods. He places his models  in timeless surroundings; only the light, not the space, does matter.

The young women pose without discomfort in front of the old pinhole camera. They give themselves exactly as long as it takes the photosensitive paper to fixate their being.

In this intimacy they belong at first only to the photographer. Whereafter they share a glimpse with us.